Healing School 1

I'm Sick & I Want to Be Healed.  Now What?

If you were a super hero, what powers would you like to have?

God wants you to be a super hero of the faith!  And He has special powers (gifts) that He has ordained for you to have in order to destroy the works of evil and to glorify Him here on the earth.  Do you know what those gifts are?  If God is expecting a return on his invested talents that He put into you, don't you think it would be wise to know how to properly and effectively use them, let alone to know what they are?

Pastors...  Ephesians 4:11-16 tells us that we are responsible for equipping the saints for the work of the ministry... to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ... in order to edify the entire Body.  As we all will have to give an account to our wonderful Master, how are you doing?  Are the precious people that the Lord has entrusted to your care able to minster His life and power to others without you?

This seminar is a survey of all nine gifts of the Spirit, and what it takes to operate in them.  Because there is so much misunderstanding and fear in the Church regarding the gift and use of tongues, there will be an extensive teaching on this gift.

Did you know that in the Old Testament God gave a revelation to one of His prophets about the importance of flowing with the Holy Spirit in reaching people?  In this seminar, you will not only learn how to know what your gifts are and receive them, but you will learn how to better flow with the moving of the Spirit of God in the work that He has for you to do.  This is where following Jesus gets really fun!


Power From on High: 

Receiving & Administering

The Baptism of The Holy Spirit 

Healing School 2: 

How To Minister Divine Healing


Healing School 2 is the continuation of Healing School 1, which is a prerequisite course. 

In this school, we will focus on the equipping of believers to operate in the ministry of healing, which is a scriptural sign of a follower of Jesus Christ according to Mark 16:17.

To see any level of healing, we must start somewhere, and this teaching is to empower you to step-out, in knowledge and faith, into what is possible for "all who believe".

In this seminar we will reaffirm:

  • Is it God's will to heal?
  • What should a Christian's stance on divine healing be?
  • Sources of sickness and disease.
  • The place of modern medicine in the doctrine of healing.
  • God's provision of healing in the Atonement & Communion.

In this seminar we will learn:

  • How to effectively pray for healing and the "laying on of hands".
  • The work of faith in ministering healing.
  • The use of spiritual gifts in ministering healing.
  • The motivations behind ministering healing.
  • Healing vs. Deliverance vs. Creative Miracles
  • The responsibilities of ministering healing.
  • How to keep one's healing.

Throughout the seminar there may be times (as the Holy Spirit leads) afforded for praying for those who have any pain, sickness, or infirmities.  There will be at the conclusion of the final session, a time for healing ministry.

It has often been said in the modern Western Church that we lose as many people out the back door of the church than are coming through the front door.  The seemingly obvious conclusion that is made is that we need stronger discipleship and more church programs in order to get new converts "plugged-in" to a greater extent into our local church assemblies.  But, this solution requires much in the way of resources and manpower.  Resources and manpower to which the early, organic, persecuted Church did not have access.  So, is this really where we should start putting our focus and resources, or is there something awry in our foundational understanding of conversion and evangelism?  As always, the Bible has the answer. 

This teaching came about through my own personal experiences as an inner-city missionary and the frustrations that are associated with leading people to the Lord as well as the issues associated with discipleship and "follow-up".  The basis of this seminar is to establish the believers understanding of God's definition of what it means to be "saved".  With a proper biblical foundation of Salvation and the process of Salvation laid, we are then able to delve into what is a Christian's responsibility and methodology of co-laboring with The Lord in this endeavor.  Also, a prime product of this teaching is that believers will also be challenged to better use wisdom and discernment when assessing where people are at in their walk towards or away from The Lord, and speak accordingly.

Turn your congregants attitude towards sharing their faith from worked-up, guilt-driven, evangelism methodologies, to a natural, joyful lifestyle of outflow of The Good News!  After hearing these messages, one gentleman exclaimed. "I've been in the Church for 40 years, and that is the most powerful message that I've ever heard."

Holy Spirit Home Groups 

Power From On High Seminar

for Small Groups


The Gospel: 

The Fullness of The Message

Holy Spirit

Spirit & Truth School

You Must Be Born Again: 

Effective, Pressure & Guilt-Free Evangelism

Equipping Seminars

Physiological healing is one of the greatest needs of the Church and the world today.  With the constant uncovering of what the American Food Industry is putting into our food sources, as well as an unrelenting onslaught of television advertisements from pharmaceutical companies to have their "cures" prescribed to us, the Church is just as sick as the world.  Is there not a Healer among the people of God?  How can we say that our Lord is a God "who forgives all of your sins, and heals all of your diseases", when we have more faith in doctors to heal, than in God's divine power?  Does your gospel offer the hope of healing?  The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the early Church did.

Healing is a very difficult topic, indeed.  There are so many variables and facets of why sickness and disease occur, as well as why some people get healed and why some do not.  There is much emotion tied to this topic, as many have had loved-ones die, and many more have stories of failed attempts to pray and have faith for healing that have never manifested.

This seminar is designed to establish the overall survey of God's view of sickness and what His reaction is to it, and thus what a Christian's view of it should be.  If we also align ourselves to His views, coupled with faith, then we will also find that we can and will start to have similar results to what Jesus and His Disciples had. 

The ultimate goal of this session will be to lead each participant to the "renewing of the mind" in regards to receiving and ministering healing from the Lord, and to create the launching pad from which their healing can occur.

In this seminar, we will allow the Holy Spirit to show each participant if there are any obstacles that are blocking them from receiving their healing.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • Is it God's will to heal?
  • What should a Christian's stance on divine healing be?
  • The place of modern medicine in the doctrine of healing.
  • What role does faith play in divine healing.
  • Sources of sickness and disease.
  • Your healing within the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
  • God's provision for Healing within the Communion.
  • What steps to take towards one's own healing.
  • How to keep one's healing.

Throughout the seminar there may be times (as the Holy Spirit leads) afforded for praying for those who have any pain, sickness, or infirmities.  Although attendees will have an action plan to start taking steps towards receiving their healing, there will be at the conclusion of the final session, a time for healing ministry.


Without a doubt, the most powerful miracle on the planet is when Salvation comes to a man's soul, transforming him into a "new creation" in Christ. 

But subsequently, have you received "the Promise of the Father" that Jesus promised to His first Disciples?  Not "the Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee" (2 Cor. 1:22), but the "you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you." (Acts 1:8)?

If not… why?  Are the terms, "Spirit-filled" and "Spirit-led", just rhetorical terms in your Christian vernacular, or is there an actual manifestation of it in your life that you can point to for proof of His power here on earth?

It is amazing that within a few short years, 120 of Jesus' first followers spread the Kingdom of God throughout the ancient world without the use of modern transportation and communication systems.  Why were they so effective at invading so many pagan cultures with the Good News, and today, Christianity in the West is on the decline in numbers, reputation, and in influence? 

This seminar squarely addresses what is arguably the greatest deficiency in the Western Church - the Holy Spirit empowering of the Church in order to advance the Kingdom of God.  The Baptism of The Holy Spirit (B.O.T.H.S.) is one of the most controversial and misunderstood aspects of Christianity.  Because of this, it is as if the majority of believers just get in through the front door of The Kingdom (Salvation) and then spend most of their lives lingering by that door, instead of exploring the depths and riches of His Kingdom as well as advancing it into the world.  It is perfectly understandable and strategic as to why Satan has done everything in his power to keep God's people in fear and confusion about this topic, because it is the key to his works being destroyed here on earth.  It is impossible to accurately re-present Jesus and His works without this glorious empowerment… He even said so.

In this seminar we will explore the Scriptures regarding all aspects of the "infilling of the Spirit".  These truths will not be taught from just a theoretical point-of-view, but from a teacher with an experienced, working knowledge of the truths therein.  The goal of this seminar will be, upon its conclusion, to activate any and all believers into this life-changing encounter with the Lord.  And for those that are not ready, to have all theological barriers removed so that they may meditate on these things with the Lord, and receive it when they are ready to believe and receive.  The truths in this seminar will radically change your walk with the Lord… are you ready?  The King and The Kingdom are awaiting!

Spiritual Gifts: 

What Are They & How To Flow With The Holy Spirit


The majority of Christians have the general idea of what the Gospel is all about, but when asked to expound upon the details of it, one finds that there are many unbiblical beliefs about exactly what happened at the Cross, and why.  In light of the writings of biblical thinkers of the past several centuries, it seems that we Christians in the 21st Century, have just a drive-thru knowledge of the Scriptures regarding the Gospel.  Our cursory knowledge of the Gospel is for-the-most-part, assimilated through the "sound bites" we repeatedly hear in the church services that we attend, rather than through a thorough search, study, and understanding of the Scriptures.  Because of this, many believers have an incorrect or incomplete concept of the nature of hell, sin, judgment, God's main focus of Redemption, who really crucified Jesus, the fear of the Lord, and the love of God.  We will discuss God's intention for how to rightly relate to each person of The Godhead -- especially the Father, and His heart for you.  

As well as laying out a step-by-step methodology of the technical plan of Salvation, this course seeks to address the common misconceptions that are often embraced by post-modern Christians, that are not in line with biblical orthodoxy.  Once corrected, believers are better able to understand many other connected biblical concepts that are all rooted in a proper understanding of the Gospel of the Cross of Jesus Christ; the ultimate foundation for the Christian faith. 
With an understanding of the fullness of the Gospel, a believer is better positioned to experience and healthily relate to both the fear of The Lord and the love of The Father's heart.


Fear No Evil: 

The Ministry of Deliverance

Prayer That Moves Mountains: 

How to Pray Powerfully & Effectively

As I have ministered in different parts of the country, it is absolutely amazing how many believers I have seen who are so hungry for more of God, but feel like they cannot find that "something more" in their respective churches, due to doctrinal rigidity or restraints. Hearing teaching online is one thing, but having somebody personally to talk to in order to delve into the tough questions that people have regarding the issues surrounding the Holy Spirit, is an invaluable resource and can be the key to breakthrough in stepping into one's next level of spiritual growth. To accommodate these small enclaves throughout the nation, we offer the Power From On High Seminar to be taught to home groups via Skype video conferencing on a laptop or a PC linked to a television by an HDMI video cable.

The typical seminar would consist of four, 2-hour sessions; once per week, for 4 weeks. With these sessions, participants will receive all of the biblical instruction needed to feel confident to enter into receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Though some participants may receive it on their own from the Lord even prior to the end of the seminar, there is not much that can substitute for the "laying on of hands" of which the Scriptures teach. Because this is often an integral part of receiving the B.O.T.H.S., I offer the option of coming to the home group in question for a fifth week impartation meeting, in order to lay hands upon all of the participants for the imparting of the B.O.T.H.S.

There is no costs for the seminar other than to cover the cost of the seminar workbook ($10). If the group wants to give a love offering at the conclusion, then it is appreciated, but not necessary. For travel in Southern California for the impartation night, we would ask that the group just cover the fuel cost. For travel to other parts of the U.S., the group would be required to cover the cost of a single airfare and hotel for the length of stay.

For any other information, please contact us via the Contact Form.

The goal of this seminar is remove the fear and apprehension that most believers have in regards to dealing with the Kingdom of Darkness.  If we are called to be followers of Jesus Christ, advancing His Kingdom, then evil spirits will not leave us alone and unchecked, regardless of how much we try to avoid them and not stir them up.  Because it is their nature to steal, kill, and destroy, ignorance is not a defense!

This seminar will cover all aspects of demonology and deliverance.  Because of the nature of the topic, it is very important that there is a thorough biblical teaching of the basics:

  • What is a demon?
  • To what extent are Christians to engage with the demonic?
  • Who is susceptible to having a demon?
  • How does someone become demonized?
  • How to stay clean.
  • How to cast out demons.

Because Scripture does not give a clear, detailed formula of all of the exact nuances of the deliverance ministry, it is of importance that believers are taught what the Bible does say about it, but also that the teaching comes from someone who is very experienced in actually successfully performing deliverance ministry.

I believe that we should not "look for a demon under every rock", but we should also not be ignorant of the enemy's devices.  Every follower of Jesus should be confident and equipped to effectively deal with the demonic as we come across it.  The methodology in this seminar is taught from a God-focused perspective, rather than a demon-focused one.  By doing this, it not only allows you to stay in the love of God, but to experience the joy of helping the demonically oppressed, rather than shying away from them in dread.

Many churches acknowledge the need for this ministry and have certain people in their congregation or in their community that they send all of their "tough cases" to that may involve demonization.  But is this really fair or loving to those precious few brothers and sisters who have taken the time to learn and become proficient in this aspect of Jesus' ministry, to always be neck-deep in spiritual warfare?  Deliverance is not a spiritual gift, it is not even a specific calling to a few, it is an aspect of the Christian life that Jesus said was a sign that would follow ALL believers (Mark 16:17).  Let us begin to share the load and equip the entire Body of Christ to be the dangerous, yet glorious Bride that she is called to be!

As with all of the Spirit & Truth Schools, there is always an opportunity for follow-up questions to the ministry as needs arise.

The ultimate goal of this seminar will be to help establish a vibrant and effective prayer ministry/movement in each respective church that is in attendance at the seminar; resulting in prayer that will be exciting, purposeful, and have measurable results.

"For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."  You can a tell a lot of a person's relationship with the Lord and spiritual authority by the way they pray.  Equally, the scope and effectiveness of those prayers are directly related to one's heart motives and theological perspective and/or understanding regarding prayer.

This seminar focuses on the role of corporate prayer in God's eternal purpose for us, and examines the pitfalls and misconceptions that we have had, or have picked-up, in our respective church cultures.  We will discuss the reasons behind why most Christians find it difficult to have a vibrant and effective personal prayer life, and why it is so difficult to get most believers to come consistently to church prayer meetings.

Additionally, we will look at keys in the Scriptures that the Lord has given to us that will allow us to lay a foundation that will excite and empower us to enter into powerful and uplifting times of prayer.  In these foundational truths we will discover:

  • Our identity and authority in prayer.
  • What prayers God will, and will not answer.
  • What God expects from us in prayer.
  • The biblical keys to getting your prayers answered.
  • How every church and believer can have a faith-filled, results-oriented prayer foundation.

Throughout history, every move of God upon the earth has been preceded by the specific prayers of His people.  There have always been those who knew what the Lord was about to do before He did it.  Learn from someone who has experienced and led prayer that turned into a modern-day move of God, and how you can become an integral part of the Lord beginning to move in a greater measure in your own midst.